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The History of Larry Green Productions

Larry Green Productions was formed in 1982 by movie poster designer, publisher and distributor, Larry Green. Literally developed and launched by Sylvester Stallone, LGP entered the movie poster arena with a top-selling line of posters from the film, "Rocky III". Although LGP had several contracts with all the major Motion Picture Studios during the 1980's, a real bond was established with MGM/UA. The James Bond series gave Larry Green the opportunity to become directly involved with the photographic and layout aspects of poster design in addition to one-sheet publishing and distribution. The results were the "For Your Eyes Only" series (produced under his then partnership name of Grezon Productions) and the "Octopussy" series.

The Western Poster Page will hopefully be expanding into one of the largest and most comprehensive web sites of its kind. LGP also plans to expand our pages to encompass our other endeavors with Twentieth Century-Fox, Warner Brothers and MGM/UA, including the "Pink Panther" and "Rocky" series.

Watch our web site closely for updates to our poster inventory.



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